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Why is it that the best and brightest that Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and IBM will not take my challenge?

They can put their best and brightest to analyzing the data and it really is a simple challenge.

Produce a chart, or a report showing how many jobs we have created for NAICS 54 on a yearly basis so we can see how many jobs were created over the previous year.

On the same chart, or report, show how many initial and contiuing approvals were issued, and show how many jobs this leaves for Americans in America in NAICS 54.

NAICS 54 seems to be our best paying jobs, and it is also the jobs that non-immigrant guest workers are being imported to take.

This report will show you how many of these jobs were created each year, and how many initial and continuing H-1B guest worker visas were issued each year.

The JOBS Created Year over Year data can be found by clicking here.

The Initial and Continuing Approval of H-1B Jobs Created Year over Year data can be found by clicking here.

You will want to download each years data and only get the data for NAICS 54 so that we are comparing Apples against Apples.

The professional, scientific, and technical services sector consists of a single subsector, Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services: NAICS 541. Data published under either the sector or subsector classification are included in the tables below. The subsector consists of these industry groups:

Legal Services: NAICS 5411

Accounting, Tax Preparation, Bookkeeping, and Payroll Services: NAICS 5412

Architectural, Engineering, and Related Services: NAICS 5413

Specialized Design Services: NAICS 5414

Computer Systems Design and Related Services: NAICS 5415

Management, Scientific, and Technical Consulting Services: NAICS 5416

Scientific Research and Development Services: NAICS 5417

Advertising and Related Services: NAICS 5418

Other Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services: NAICS 5419

Link under Initial Approvals will pull both initial and continuing approvals if you want to verify the data.

Yearly H-1B Visa Approvals vs Applications Status


Six Year Period to account for 3 years initial and 3 years continuing H-1B approval

Dec 2021 Employed10,187,300
Less Dec 2020 Employed9,541,100
Equals Jobs Gained in 2021646,200
Less H-1B Initial Approvals for 2021